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 Types of Debates: Public Forum

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PostSubject: Types of Debates: Public Forum   Tue Oct 28, 2008 8:08 pm

Some people emailed me (eons ago) regarding types of debates. Public Forum seems to confuse most.

Similar to policy debate, public forum debate involves teams of two people alternating speeches for their position. However,
it is generally more contingent on the presentation of the debater rather than the degree of argumentation and the research skills.
Therefore there are significantly less technicalities involved, appealing to more lay judges. You are still able to use debate jargon
(ie.VC, kritiks, et cetera) since these terms are not mutually exclusive towards any form of debate. A team must develop a pro
and con case, persuasively supported by evidence and reasoning.

A Public Forum debate follows this timing schedule:

Team A: First Speaker: Constructive Speech 4 minutes
Team B: First Speaker: Constructive Speech 4 minutes
Crossfire (between first speakers) 3 minutes
Team A: Second Speaker: Rebuttal 4 minutes
Team B: Second Speaker: Rebuttal 4 minutes
Crossfire (between second speakers) 3 minutes
Team A: First Speaker: Summary 2 minutes
Team B: First Speaker: Summary 2 minutes
Grand Crossfire (All speakers) 3 minutes
Team A: Second Speaker: Final Focus/Last Shot 1 minute
Team B: Second Speaker: Final Focus/Last Shot 1 minute
Every team has 2 minutes for preparation.

November 2008: "Resolved: That the United States government should implement universal health care modeled after the French system."

In NFL sponsored tournaments, the winning team of a debate round earns 6 NFL points. The losing team of the round earns 3 NFL points.

Note that Public Forum TOC level does involve more technicalities and spreading. Since this form of debate is so new, the
judging pool (even at the TOC) is less experienced compared to LD or Policy. This eventually changes with time. If you are
aiming for TOC bids, I would strongly recommend participating in Public Forum. The current field is much less competitive
compared to LD or Policy. Here is a list of 2008-2009 Public Forum TOC-Qualifying Tournament List :


Octafinals at the 2008 TOC
Octafinals at the 2008 NFL National Tournament
Octafinals at the 2008 CFL National Tournament


Yale (CT)
Florida Blue Key (FL)
Emory University (GA)
UC-Berkeley (CA)
Glenbrooks (IL)
Harvard University (MA)
Stanford University (CA)
Princeton University (NJ)
Dowling (IA)


Alta (UT)
Apple Valley (MN)
Arizona State (AZ)
Crestian (FL)
Golden Desert (NV)
Manchester-by-the-Sea (MA)
Meyers Park (NC)
Lexington (MA)
Wake Forest University (NC)
Any tournament with 50 public forum entries from 5 or more states


Villager (PA)
Columbia (NY)
University of Pennsylvania (PA)
St. Mark's (TX)
Ohio Valley (KY)
Bronx (NY)
George Mason (CA)
Harker (CA)
Hendrick Hudson (NY)
Lincoln East (NE)
Any invitation tournament with 40 or more public forum entries from 15 or more


James Logan (CA)
Nova Titan (FL)
Valley (IA)
La Costa Canyon (CA)
Grapevine (TX)
Blake (MN)
Indianola (IA)
Miller West (NE)
Cheyenne East (WY)
All 2009 NFL Qualifiers (Tournament must be held before March 15)
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Types of Debates: Public Forum
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