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 St.Francis Tournament & upcoming Yuba city tournament

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PostSubject: St.Francis Tournament & upcoming Yuba city tournament   Wed Oct 08, 2008 7:15 pm

Now that school has started im guessing almost nobody checks this but whatev. Smile i will continue to update meeting logs for my own amusement.

To start off, i would like to say CONGRATS!!!! to Sam Fry & Cassi Barker for actually attending the first i.e. meet of the year. Sam won second place (woot woot!) and Cassi placed 5th.

Next, I would like to say that the next tournament will be held this Saturday, on October 11th. Please turn your permission slips in a.s.a.p.
The Parli partners for this debate are as follows:
1]Dominic Meroux & Jacob
2]Elizabeth & Matt
4] Kristi Hancock & Cassi Barker

Policy partners are as follows:
1] Jackie & Lindsay
2] Santa & David
3] Sam & Isabel

*If your name is missing please notify me
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St.Francis Tournament & upcoming Yuba city tournament
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