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 8/7/08 Meeting

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PostSubject: 8/7/08 Meeting   Sat Aug 09, 2008 1:05 pm

As the clock struck 1:30, members if the West Campus Speech & Debate team gathered at the Central library for yet another summer meeting.

To start off the meeting, April Rubio gave an improtu speech on gelpens. April stuggled with movements and proper hand gestures, so Laan attempted to workshop April speech by giving example of appropriate hand gestures.

Next, Dominique(last name not available) presented his roughly memorized prose poem in which he latered titled "Hide from Everything". The poem is about a friendship Dominique once shared with a girl. Once dating the girl, things began to spiral downward and Dominique loses his friendship. Now the girl ignores him as they pass by each other in the hallway.

Dominique also had troubles with hand gestures so Laan helped him workshop it as the group seperated into smaller groups.

After some time, the members re-grouped and the meeting continued with a presentation by Kristi Hancock. Kristi presented yet another prose titled "Moonlight Table". The group also workshopped this in order to help her improve.

Kristi then decided to take a break from presenting her prose and Dominique stepped up and presented his finished peice. He still slightly struggled, but was at last able to get through it.

During the last half an hour of the meeting, Laan provided a lecture addressing problems such as dress code, gener, race, and religion. Laan also took questions and answered.

The meeting was ajourned at 4:00 p.m.

Note: Some members stayed after for some one-on-one help

If you have any questions about what happend at this meeting, feel free to contact me via email, message, comment, or phone number.

-Cassie <3 rendeer
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8/7/08 Meeting
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