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 I.E. meeting held at Colonial Hights Library

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PostSubject: I.E. meeting held at Colonial Hights Library   Tue Aug 05, 2008 1:18 pm

On Friday, August 1, 2008, the first official meeting for West Campus Speech and Debate members participating in an I.E. event, gathered at Colonial Hights library at 1:00 p.m.

This meeting was meant for members who are going to be participating in I.E. events throughout the 2008-2009 school year.

Only three members attended this meeting, but it was yet another successful meeting nonetheless.

To start off the meeting, Kristi Hancock (the I.E. captain) chose to go over the 3x1 & 2x2 rules. To sum up the lecture, 3x1 is when one makes 3 main points, then one point for each 3 in order to back up the previously stated main points. The 2x2 is exactly the same, except that one makes 2 main points and to points for each point to back it up. Kristi recommends that beginners use the 3x1 rule.

Next, the members decided to go over a speech that Cassi Barker wrote for an upcoming O.O. event. The speech, "Red Means Go" tells a story about accomplishing your dreams by not stopping at anything.

After the speech overview, Kristi began lecturing about "Alter Speechy-Debatey Ego!" April Rubio was struggling at grasping the concept that sometimes you have to play a different "character" when giving a speech or debating. It was then when Cassi Barker decided to come up with an excerise that demonstrates differences in characters, all while being creative at the same time.

Cassi Barker gave instunctions that she would say an object and each person would have to draw the object on a sheet of paper. The first object Cassi said to draw was a chair. Followed by a table, person, plate, food, animal, and food for the animal. Then Cassi instructed the members to write a short story about their drawing. April wrote about her transvestite person being an anorexic model whos cat was spoiled and then something about playboy. Kristi wrote about a large cat and something about Rattatoulie. Cassi named her person Britney Spears and in the end Britney got eaten by her "vegetarian" pet. A picture of these drawings and stories is posted below. (yes i am aware it is blurry, my camera was being retarded that day.)

At last, the meeting was ajourned at 4:00 p.m.

P.S. sorry for missing out on two meetings & the carwash. With the help of Isabel, we will try our hardest to update the meeting logs of those missing meetings. Thank you. Have a nice day! rendeer

*Note (Kristi H.): Small group meetings are those of which a fraction of the members of the speech & debate team attend. The intention of having such meetings is to focus more on a certain event.
In this case, the meeting was spontaneous and was for students who clearly stated that they were interested in competing in either Original Oratory or Impromptu.
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I.E. meeting held at Colonial Hights Library
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